I wish you were here

I picture my pillow to be your chest, an extension of my very own flesh that I long to rest my head on

I imagine that the blood drumming in my ears is the sound of your heart beat, the rhythm that I’d be falling asleep too

When I wake in the late hours of the night I hear the wind in the trees outside and I envision it to be your breathing that I’d find comfort in, knowing that you’re right here

My dreams would be black and peaceful because no colour would compare to opening my eyes to the sight of you in the morning light, still asleep while I am in your arms..


If it’s stress was a drug then I am blacking out on it

I’m being held against my will and being injected with it hourly

My veins are a jagged mess, raw and throbbing

It is being exuded through the sweat excreted on my temples and in the acid of my breath

I cannot even recognize myself in the mirror, just a junkie version of who I once was

My bloodshot eyes looking through the tunnel and seeing no end

My skin flaking awake with every nervous itch, removing peices of myself

My only hope is to check myself into rehabilitation to relieve some pressure

The long cycle of an abused drug addict

Goodbye my long distant lover

I need to stop thinking for a while…

Stop thinking that your arms would materialize around me and I’ll have the feeling of your soft lips on my skin

These feelings need to packaged up and left in a dark closet to be forgotten

And I need to stop living in this fantasy containing the perfect world with you and starting accepting the loneliness of my reality without you

Until the day comes when I can lace my fingers through yours and feel like the peices of me that I find in you are with me again

So I’ll save my longing and resist the urges to see you and hopefully when I do, your eyes will mirror the same feelings that I’m keeping hidden away