Everyone needs a hero

I don’t ask for much

Infact the distance of my silence seemed infinite 

Almost peaceful
But when I closed my eyes the fear of being alone strummed at the hole in my chest
The pools beneath my eyelids began to flood
I chocked on the acid simmering through the air
My body was cracked open and I bled, the crimson blurring my vision
Completely drowning in red
Then I heard you breathing beside me
And the silence was peaceful again
You linked your fingers in mine which dried the rainfall on my cheek
Breathed air into my lungs that filled the hole in my chest and let me inhale once again
Bandaged my bleeding wounds until they didn’t hurt at the touch
I didn’t ask for much
But what I received, the healing you’ve given me
My body, my heart, my mind
Has made me whole again 


To Brenton 

When I first met you I didn’t know how important you would become in my life and these past 2 years getting to know the man that you are has brought me so much of happiness and I don’t know if I could ever repay what you have given me. 

I think falling in love with you has really changed me. You are my weakness as well as my strength, you are my favorite thing in the whole world. My day isn’t complete until I’ve spoken to you, I smile every time I think about you, which is in my sleep, in my dreams and every other moment of the day. 

No matter how much we fight even for the stupid stuff I just want you by my side.. Always. I know I can do anything with you by my side because no matter how bad things are having you in my life just makes things better and I know I can get through anything. 

your kisses are my pleasure, your voice my sunshine, your body is my home. I’m glad that I’ve met you while I’m still young so I can love you for a very very long time. 

So baby hold my hand and lead the way, hold my heart and keep it safe, hold me tightly because I’m afraid to fall. 

Love me like you did the first day

Love me tomorrow because it’s a new day 

And love me forever because my heart beats for you. 

Promise to be my man and I’ll promise to be your lady. 

I love you Brenton Migyle Chetty 


How high until you reach the roof of the sky? 

Swimming in oceans of blue, floating on puffs of white 

How long would it take to get to the ground? 

Slowly,  Enduring 

Like the gaping hole in my chest 

A never ending pit of nothingness 

Falling deeper and deeper 

Paralyzed for what seems like eternity 

Would it help if I closed my eyes? 

Darkness, Silence 

The limbo almost seems peaceful 

Drifting in and out of consciousness 

But will it hurt when I finally land? 

My body.

My body, the only piece of artwork I own

Really own.

This body has been damaged, been broken 

Gone through many pleasures and endured so much of pain 

You see the fullness of my lips 

The thickness of my thighs 

I am not an object 

My body, is not for your amusement 

The delicacies that lie beneath my flesh belong to me 

So close your wondering eyes

And stop the lustful words from flowing out of your mouth 

Because the curve of my hips are not an invitation 

And I will always say no

Because my body, is the only artwork I own

Really own.

Thank you 

Thank you for not letting me go even when I struggled 

For those times when I was unsure but still held my hand as though I wasn’t hurting you 

Because now I’m shiny again and it’s all thanks to you 

For reminding me that I am worth it 

For not letting me wonder if I’m beautiful 

You’ve been the lighting between my clouds that woke me up and gave me the spark that I needed 

And for all of this I promise 

You will never question if you are loved 

You will never feel a moment of loneliness 

Or a second of sadness 

I’ll savour every moment 

And cherish every kiss 

Because you took a chance on me and I can only spend a lifetime paying you back by emerging you in all the love I can give 


I guess I’m just tired 

I’m tired of the insignificant conversation 

Of being patient 

Of searching for a meaning which is turning out to be an endless journey 

The late nights that I laid awake asking questions which seem to have no answers 

Being lost and lonely wandering in the dark as the clock beats on 

I just want to be at a place that makes sense 

A place that I can find comfort and finally get some rest 

Where the people I love are here to stay 

And worries are a distant memories 

I just want to be home 

A place where I belong